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History of Maclear

During 1902 Mr. N. Tarr, farming on Fahy near Ugie started a trout fishing project in the Maclear district. He stocked the Inxu [Wildebeest] River with ova of the rainbow trout from the Pirie Hatchery, near Kinwilliamstown.

It was a great success and followed up by the Nqanqaru [Mooi] River in 1906, the Ndenxa [Pot] River in 1908 and the iTsitsa in 1927.

Soon the Maclear district became a popular destination for trout fishing and ranked as the premier trout fishing district of South Africa.

A detailed report of this project appears in the Historical Record of Maclear written by Mr. A. L. Johnson, magistrate, in 1932. If you are more interested in the project, copies of the report can be made.

Two of the most important persons ever to fish trout in the Maclear waters were Lord Herbert John Gladstone on 18 May, 1913 and the Earl of Clarendon on 16 April, 1933. Both of them were Governor-Generals of the Union of South Africa and traveled with their personnel in their white trains up to Maclear station.

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